Glendale Painting Scaffolding

Over Three Decades in the Business

Founded in 1985, Glendale is one of the most successful commercial painting contractors in the Southeast. Quality and reliability has led to our Success.  Our company name may not be widely recognized, but we're well-known in the industry.  We don't put street signs out on every project, we don't advertise in the trade or community publications, and we don't attend all the trade functions displaying our signs and marketing giveaways.  We expand by word-of-mouth alone.  We expand by doing good work for a competitive price, by doing it right the first time so there's no need for call-backs or warranty claims, by servicing our clients above and beyond their expectations. 

The Glendale Painting Team has successfully completed projects as small as $5,000 and as large as $3,500,000.  Our project portfolio is extensive and contains a balanced blend of New Construction Projects with Repaint/Restoration Projects.  The company is fully bonded and insured and can provide payment and performance bonds on request.

Unlike most of the competition, our company directly employs all its workers.  When you hire Glendale, you get Glendale. Unlike most of the competition, Glendale is not a broker subletting the work. All of our work is performed in-house.  We understand the importance of quality workmanship to the customer, our reputation, and our future.  This "old school approach" provides more control on the project and insures specifications are followed with quality as the main goal.

One of the highest compliments a company like ours can receive is when a long time employee decides it's time to spread their wings and start their own company. We take pride in knowing these new entrepreneurs have learned it the right way.

A Full-Service Restoration Contractor.

As a Painting Contractor and General Contractor, we have the ability, the know-how, and the experience to handle all of your restoration needs. Our Renovation/Rehabilitation division has painted and/or waterproofed hundreds of communities containing over 300,000 units. We have replaced tens of thousands of cubic feet of concrete and hundreds of thousands of square feet of stucco.  In addition to concrete and stucco, we perform carpentry work, welding, steel and aluminum railing replacement, and, occasionally, some structural work. 

Commercial/Industrial Division

Our commercial and industrial division boasts the completion of numerous high profile projects totaling more than 40,000,000 square feet of floor space. Glendale has performed this work for some of the largest commercial and industrial property management companies in the area.

We become the contractor of choice to these companies because we service whatever requests the property managers may have. Many times it's just to take care of some rusting dock levelers or a replaced personnel door.  We respond to whatever the day's request might be. No matter how small.

Our Award-Winning Methods


We focus on relationships. That's not just a motto, it's who we are.

When you hire Glendale you don't just get recently hired painters or day laborers.  You don't get subs or piece workers.  You get trained professionals, some of whom have been with us for 30 years.  We guarantee our work.  It's easy, when your people believe in what they're doing.  

This focus on "people" provides us with better painters, better paint manufacturers, better pricing, and a book full of resources for any challenge or problem that may be out there.  It also means that we've built up a portfolio of completed projects few other painting contractors can compete with. 


We don't just measure and throw out a square foot or unit price on your building. That's how others who've never actually been painters do it.  When you've been doing this as long as us, you use your experience.  We walk the buildings.  We assess failures and problems.  We look for access or rigging difficulties.  We evaluate the surrounding areas, the grounds, the parking and storage concerns. We spot potential trouble, before it happens.  Then, and only then, do we estimate the manpower needed and measure to formulate material quantities.

When it comes to estimating new construction, experience and instinct only enhance the process.  The real work is done by our plan readers and our spreadsheet analysis.

Quality Workmanship

We do things the right way and we're not afraid of the unique project.  Which is why we've won numerous awards from Associated Builders and Contractors over the years.

It doesn't do our company any good to leave a client with a mediocre project when we're done.  Our growth has been by word of mouth alone.  We don't advertise anywhere.  Word of mouth only comes from providing award winning work time and time again to every client.  It's easier for us than most because we directly employ our workers and control their focus, which is on quality and doing it right the first time, so you don't  need to call us back out to fix things a second time.

We Do Everything & More....

We do everything the other guys do: pressure wash, seal, paint, waterproof.  But we can also do what most guys can't.  We bead blast, sand blast, or vapor blast depending on the project. We do concrete restoration, stucco repair, carpentry repair, welding and any other kind of repair necessary.  We use every kind of paint product and put down any kind of finish, from Venetian plaster to electrostatic.  We've installed half a million square feet of self-leveling epoxy flooring on one job alone.  We've hung hundreds of thousands of yards of wallcovering.  And we've done all this work on all kinds of structures, from thirty-story condo buildings to hundred-year-old museums containing priceless artifacts.