As Glendale nears the final stage of completing touch-ups and wrapping up remaining punch list items here at Belle Harbor, I wanted to extend to you and your entire staff a congratulatory 'Thank You', for a big job that was well done, and which remained on schedule. With 200 individual owners here, which often can translate into 200 individual “bosses”, the hands-on, customer responsiveness skills practiced by you and your employees were quite evident and always on display. In particular, having Kevin as an on-site supervisor coupled with your extremely capable crew foreman “Jared”, and with each of them working hand in hand with one another, their jointly coordinated efforts have contributed to a well scheduled smooth and effectively orchestrated project for us at Belle Harbor.

Don Mestas, Jr. - President - Belle Harbor Owner's Association

We can’t say enough to convey how pleased we were with Kevin’s ability, as well as his personality, in overseeing the crew supervisor and entire project. We were equally pleased with Jared, the crew supervisor who managed the crew daily.

"Additionally, I’d like to convey our Board received many compliments from our residents regarding the selection of Glendale Painting. They commented on how the crew supervisor and painters were courteous and interacted pleasantly with our residents. The overall experience and expectations were not only met, but exceeded.

Henri Tackett – President – Bermuda Board of Directors

Thanks for everything Rick.  The project has turned out great and I appreciate your professionalism.  Kevin was experienced, efficient and motivated.  He provided constant on-site supervision and immediate solutions.  Rick, you were always willing to accommodate requests.

Gail Chase - Chief Operating Officer - Freedom Senior Management

I am writing to thank you for your help working with Sherwin Williams Paint Company to resolve the issues with the Dow Corning All-Guard paint used at Imperial Palms. With your assistance we were able to create a win-win situation for the homeowners and Sherwin Williams. This is only one example of the service I have come to expect from you and your fine company. Over the years you have repaint four of my resorts and have always finished on-time and on-budget, despite some difficult weather and occupancy conditions that are inherent in our business.

Richard Quarello - Regional Director - Marriott International

I have been the president of Yacht Haven Condominiums for almost eight years, and have been directly involved with many projects and have dealt with a number of contractors. Many of these projects, turned out to be “bad experiences”, either because of shoddy workmanship, inferior materials, or an “I don’t care attitude”, with an un-willingness to co-operate. None of these qualities existed with Glendale. In fact, it was quite the contrary!

"From the very beginning of this project, I was pleased and impressed with Glendale’s co-ordination, co-operation and the complete thoroughness in the preparation work, before any actual painting was done. The attention to every detail, was a pleasant surprise, that I have not experienced very often. Your people were always willing to accommodate any, and all requests that were made. (And you learned, early on Rick, that we were not easy.)

Brad Fuller - President - Yacht Haven

The building repairs and painting was performed in a professional manner, site cleanup was done on a continual basis, all workers were properly attired while performing their duties and maintained a professional demeanor while working in close proximity to our residents. The project has been completed and has been receiving positive comments from residents and neighboring residents alike.

"The cooperation between the Property Manager, Glendale Supervision and Board of Directors was excellent. The spalling concrete and stucco repairs were all completed and, when change orders were needed, communication was timely and allowed for all to assess the needed repair and make informed decisions on the course of action to be taken.

Linda Kobbe - LCAM on behalf of the Board of Directors - Gulf Island Beach & Tennis Club

Rick, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful job your company did here at the Tides.  You provided us with a very considerate and professional crew for the work.  They were very accommodating and unobtrusive throughout the project.  Thanks again.

Doris Gordon - Director of Management Services - Associa Gulf Coast

The service and Quality of work Glendale has provided to us is as good as any subcontractor can provide to an Owner. We engage their services for big and small jobs and to date they have never let us down. Rick and Kevin Sendker are true to their word people.

Roy Dickie - Harrod Properties

The technical experience of Frank has proven to be appropriate for our needs and has been economically advantageous for our project. I also want to commend the “Can-do” attitude of your Foreman and his painters.

"In summary, your organization service has been very professional, on schedule, and you have reacted admirable with flexibility to the short-term changes in schedule to meet our needs. We feel that you have always kept the best interest of our Association and the project as a priority objective.

Hans Klampschinski - Board President - Bayshore on the Lake

Rick, as usual, another job well done by your company.  You handled a very difficult job with very demanding residents with the professionalism and attention to detail I have become accustomed to from your firm.  The residents are very pleased.

Kevin Jakub - Sr. Regional Director - The Continental Group


Your people have done a good job. They have been very polite and professional. Jared was a real asset with the ability to do a wide variety of work while keeping the team working. I don’t know what you pay him, but he’s worth every penny.

John Yeager - Treasurer - Treasure Sands Condominiums

The foreman, Louie, and Don Lucas cooperated with me to finish the patios and balconies before Thanksgiving. My residents and I appreciated their hard work to get them completed by Wed. 11/22 [the day before Thanksgiving, 2000].

"The men were professional, courteous and hard workers. Louie did a very good job keeping the work moving along.

Bayshore Trace

The professionalism, thoroughness and attention to detail that your people displayed was outstanding. In particular, the management of the project by Kevin was especially noteworthy. He never hesitated to accommodate our wishes and always went “that extra mile” to make sure that we were pleased with the job.

Irvin Ray - Board President - Harbor Watch

I have had the distinct pleasure to work with the Glendale Painting Company over the past eight years and have used them on multiple projects.  I have also recommended them for many other projects.  I find them to be very knowledgeable, professional, and they stand behind their work…I would strongly recommend Glendale Painting, and suggest that you give them the opportunity to show you the professionalism I have experienced with them.

Ken Eckelkamp - President - Eckelkamp Construction

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and the appreciation of the owners of Sunstate Center, Sunstate Industrial and Pioneer Industrial Park for a job well done with the repaint of the buildings. It has been a pleasure working with you and members of your staff and dealing with a true Professional Commercial Painting Contractor.

Kevin Bunch - Property Manager - Grubb & Ellis

I am writing to commend your crew in general and Frank, Dave and Billy in particular, for their fine work in washing, repairing, sealing and painting our 100 unit eight-story high-rise for low income elderly and disabled persons.

"The Skill of your workers was obvious, but residents and staff alike were impressed by the professionalism of the workers and the respect we were accorded by your workers throughout the process. Their attention to detail during production and cleanup is also appreciated.

Jill Hoogstra - Executive Director - Episcopal Place

As a homeowner in Normandy Park I wanted to compliment your crew. They are conscientious and Professional. They were always courteous to the homeowners and went out of their way to be helpful & polite. Thanks for a job well done.

Charles Rauscher - Homeowner - Normandy Park South Condominiums

Your finished product at Bellamy speaks volumes of your ability to deliver a first-class paint job, and I know that's what the owners at Belle Harbor expect. As they say, actions speak louder than words.

Dave Richards - JMC Communities

We at Coastal enjoy doing business with Glendale Painting because of their professionalism and experience. We are confident when we sell materials to Glendale that the materials will be applied in strict accordance to manufacturer recommendations along with strict quality control procedures put in place by Glendale Supervision.

Andy Ward - Coastal Construction Products, Inc.