How far do you travel?

Glendale has been servicing the entire State of Florida for 30 years.  We have done projects up and down both coasts as well as Central Florida.

How much will it cost to paint our building?

Our bidding process entails a site visit for condition assessment, measurements, and labor requirements.  We make sure the price you're provided with is accurate and the fairest price possible.  There are other painters who will outbid us on occasion.  Typically, it is because the painting contractor plans on subbing the work to smaller companies.  This can control his cost, but not the quality of the work you receive.  We do things the old-fashioned way, with our own trained hourly and salaried staff; no subs, no piece workers.

Do you do work other than painting?

Our primary focus is on painting, waterproofing, deck coatings, waterproof membrane systems, sealants, industrial flooring, and sandblasting.  We also self perform Stucco and Concrete Restoration as well as install wallcovering and apply specialty finishes such as Venetian plaster and texture coatings.  However, we are a Licensed State of Florida General Contractor, and while we don't focus on other areas, we have, on occasion, replaced railings, windows, and walls.  We do not perform roof replacements, but can do roof over coating systems.

Are you bonded?

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to perform any work in the State of Florida.  We can also provide payment and performance bonds if required.

What happens if we have a problem with the work done after you leave?

We provide a warranty on every project we do.  We also provide a warranty from the manufacturer on every project we do.  Both warranties are for labor and material.  This insures that you are covered for faulty workmanship and defective products.  If you have a problem, just pick up the phone and give us a call.  We'll make sure your issue is corrected to your satisfaction.

How do you hire your workers?

We don't sub. Our workers are our own employees.  We have rigorous training.  All our employees wear uniforms.  They don't smoke.  They are trained to be very courteous.  There is no playing of music.  They are very used to working around discerning clientele.

The hiring process typically starts with a cold call. It could be in response to an advertisement in your area, or it could be through word of mouth on the job site. After the office conducts a preliminary interview and gets the applicant's name and phone number, the information is passed to our VP, Kevin, or one of our project managers (John, Darin, Chris, and Mark), who then conducts a more thorough phone interview before scheduling an in-person meeting. If all goes well, the employee will be hired on a trial basis, evaluated over the course of a week, and then employed full time.